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Nose Jewellery

Nose Jewellery – BUY Nose Pin ONLINE!

When everything is online, why not jewellery! Shop online with and buy Indian nose rings at much affordable rates. The online shopping site has a range of unique nose rings.

Abhooshan’s Range of Nose Jewellery

Abhooshan brings to you an exquisite range of options that comes in different sizes and designs. From nose piercing ring Corals to Onyxes to Pearls – they have it all. The silver nose ring hoops are suitably designed to compliment every occasion.

Remember talking about “the Mastani without a Nose Piercing”? Abhooshan’s collection also includes Non-Piercing clip-ons. A clip-on is a piece of jewellery that doesn’t require a nose piercing. Not compromising with the quality, the silver is as gorgeous as it ever was. 

Be the Mastani without a Nose Piercing!

Nose Rings have always added to a lady’s charm. This piece of jewellery has had great cultural significance across regions and religions, but, today it has become more of a style quotient. Stepping out in casuals or getting all dolled-up for an occasion – the nose stud never disappoints.

Back to Basics – tch-tch!

Talking about the cultural significance of nose rings – a nose piercing is a ritual practiced in Hinduism signifying marriage, and is worn on left or right side or both sides of the nostril. However, the spread of this fashion has resulted in married, unmarried, and also, men having nose piercings.

Why Silver?

Sliver signifies elegance. Indian ethnic jewellery in silver is a sight for sore eyes. Also, what could be better than buying affordable fashion?

When talking about silver jewellery, Abhooshan is the place. 

Nose Jewelry is a popular part of culture in India and has an extensive and intriguing history. Nose piercing enhances women’s beauty and attraction. We have Ethnic Indian Designs Nose Studs Pins made in 92.5 Pure Sterling Silver. Indian Nose Jewelry is a favorite piece of jewels for all women around the world. We have wide range of Sterling Silver Indian Nose Pins Studs in our collection. Have a click below and explore our exotic design and comfortable wear which will make you and your loved one fall in love with it and you get noticed by those who are around you❣️

Type of Nose Pins in Trend.

A Sparkle of a diamond on the face, makes your eyes shine, your smile gets noticed. And its noticed by someone special, it is admired by many, and aspired by a lot more......a sparkling diamond nose pin will definitely make its mark. While there are designs that are modern, sometimes more stylish studded ones, sometimes blooming floral designs, sometimes the traditional diamond getting you noticed among others, making you feel special, a beautiful shine of it melds in your inner radiance making your personality bloom.

Nose pin by Abhooshan

Abhooshan brings to you the exquisite collection of Nose Pin, Non Piercing Nose rings, Clip on nose jewellery designs adding colors and exuberance to your persona, making it shine even brighter.

This is a piece of jewellery worn by women or girls irrespective of their age, it is slowly becoming the first piece of jewellery worn by girls, symbolising their beauty, their feminism. Occassions play a strong role in decision of the kind of nose pin or piece of jewellery to be worn by the girl.Variety in occasions, give way to variety of designs to experiment with on Abhooshan However, depending on the occasion, the festival collection is completely different and more rich in designs, hues and beads than regular nose pins. The brand has a variety of options from perky little nose pins to stylishly designed dangling traditional designs we have it all, just search and click and be the star of the evening.

Piercing Nose Rings/Pins:

In the Last few decades, a nose pin has been a part almost for every bride, was not considered an accessory but a mark of elegance, symbol of being connected deeply to culture, their fertility, a statement of pride worn by Indian women. It carried on assuming importance and evolved with their age, and acquired a permanent space in the accessories worn by women. Even till date, the image of a Indian women, wearing traditional lehenga, adorning traditional designs jewellery, is a dream for many Indian girls. This strong imagery portrayed in leading bollywood actresses, also has a traditional “Nath” as a central piece, enhancing the beauty of their face, the strength of their character, making Nose pin an absolute important accessory. This has been amplified in mainstream cinema, Baaji Rao Mastani and Ram- Leela, showcasing a stand against society and standing bold in case of adversity.

Abhooshan, brings the designs and colors of Nose pins to match your style, every mood , dress and face type, choose from a variety of options available with ease at a click of the button. Read their specifications, and choose the one which will add a sparkle to your look. The brand uses some of the most creative designers to craft this piece of jewellery with utmost precision. Their designs have evolved in different parts of India, while in Punjab its the long nath which is prevalent, in Himachal and Uttrakhand it is big nose ring, on the other hand in West, Rajasthan and Gujarat it is the loop nose ring which is prevalent with a long metallic chain. Konkani studs are unique in design and much more traditional in looks.

Clip On/Non Piercing Nose Rings:

A piece of jewellery reflects your inner self. Its brightness, its colors, its bold designs shows the change in you over years, and your friends know it. While accessories for an Indian girl has evolved over a period of time, with it has evolved the need for newer designs, more modern in looks, more cool & trendy designs. The girls are trying to improve their looks, match their western outfits with it, sometimes simple designs and bright colors make all the difference.

Clip on, Non Piercing Nose Pin by

A small accessory can brighten the face and add glamour and make her looks appealing. Much bolder designs available at Abhooshan of this accessory also denotes freedom, shows attitude and a youth fervor, an important personality trait for modern girls. In fact, its one of the most adorned accessory when it comes to Selfies on social media networks, Facebook, instagram and twitter. Even though the size of the nose pin is small, the brand name and uses a lot of different shades, textures, metals, stones and beads to make designs, which can enhance your persona in different ways. Not only, it will make your face look more beautiful, it can also match with your outfit, be it western or traditional. If its a sangeet or mehendi function of your dearest friend, where you decided to adorn a beautiful salwar kameez or traditional lehenga, a silver nose ring with Abhooshan design will set you apart. But if you are going for a party at a nightclub, a silver nose ring will do wonders to your looks.

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